Sunday, July 2, 2017

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7 Reasons Why Virtual Reality Technology Will Totally Disrupt the Real Estate Industry

You've heard of virtual reality / augmented reality and how this technology is going to change the world. But did you know they're already being used to massive advantage in the real estate industry? Over 1 billion people are expected to be using this technology by 2023 (just 6 years from now).

This cutting edge technology is being used to show prospective buyers and tenants through more properties, in less time.

It is being used to boost listing engagement as people spend more time looking through properties with virtual tours than any others.

Properties sell faster and for more money, and there are huge environmental and financial savings, because costly display homes are no longer needed when you can show a potential buyer multiple finishings all in virtual reality before anything is built on the ground.

With so many amazing benefits to virtual reality technology in the real estate industry, can you afford not to move forwards with this technology now? If you don't, your competitors surely will.

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7 Critical Steps to Developing Your First Amazing Product

Designing, prototyping and manufacturing your first (or next) amazing product idea doesn't have to be difficult. In fact it can be fairly straightforward if you know what steps to follow and which steps to avoid. In this infographic we show you the most critical seven steps to consider when taking your product idea from concept to creation. The infographic looks at the following 7 steps:

1. Doing your research : this is important, if you don't know who your ideal customer is, what their problems are or how to solve them your product is likely to be a flop.

2. Protecting your idea : do you need a patent? What about a non-disclosure agreement? This part of the infographic will let you know

3. Laying the groundwork : Did you know you can get your product moving in about 2 hours worth of time if working with a professional company? Well, you can!

4. Prototyping : get a prototype done and it will save you thousands of dollars and lots of heartache.

5. Finding a reputable manufacturer : It's much better to get someone to recommend a trusted source than looking for one on your own

6. Packaging and marketing : the cherry on top of your product idea

7. And finally, Taking action! : without this, nothing gets done! The information in this infographic is just a primer though, if you need more information then visit our Ultimate Guide to Designing, Prototyping and Mass Manufacturing Your Product Idea here.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

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The Trillion Dollar Industry of Cyber Attacks

No business, no phone, no information is safe from the threat of a cyber attack. Hackers, scammers, and criminals are increasingly looking toward the internet as a means of illegal financial gain.

Each year, cybercrime continues to rise as more of our most delicate data makes its way to the cloud. This criminal entity of the internet is particularly concerning for small businesses, who are the most frequent targets of phishing attacks and the most vulnerable to financial ruin following an online security breach.

This infographic dives into the most critical issues surrounding cyber attacks, and cites figures that point toward trends that should and do concern businesses, both big and small. It also sheds light on issues of cyber security that affect people, especially concerning sensitive records, malware, smart devices, and email security.

This infographic is not a dramatization. These are not cherry-picked figures. These things are actually happening. This is why we chose to display data in dollars and percentages. They’re easily digestible and resonate most with the average internet users, who perhaps have the most to lose to cyber criminals, including their money, security, sensitive records, or even identities.

You’ll notice elements of the infographic are animated for emphasis as you scroll the page. We believe this interactive design will bring more attention to the alarming statistics displayed in the infographic, and hopefully, help more people and businesses consider the importance of cyber security.

The page begins with a simple question: “Is your business protected against cyber attacks?” That is the most important takeaway, but the design also draws intrigue to the topic.

A Guy Fawkes mask sits below that question, outlined in orange on a black background. It highlights the unknown entities lurking on the internet, and gives the graphic an almost Halloween-esque sentiment.

But this visage is not meant to alarm viewers. The numbers alone can do that. Presenting them in bold colors with graphics and some “scary” elements was a stylistic choice, one that we think works for the overall message of the infographic.

The infographic ends with a somwhat prophetic quote from IBM CEO Ginni Rometty. She calls data the “world’s new natural resource,” and a transformative element for every profession. If all of this is true, she says, then cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.

This infographic highlights the dangerous reality of that notion.

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